Courtroom Graphics


Slides taken from a video prepared for presentation during a trial. The videotape is an animation of a real event, depicting in easily understood graphic format the complicated events leading up to a landslide impacting 5 homeowners and resulting in the homeowner’s filing suit against the developer of the adjacent property. As you follow the complex sequence of events on the video you see that the placement of the detention basin had no impact on the slide and was clearly not responsible for it. The tape continues, revealing that the combined factors of the failing of an ancient slide area and faulty storm sewer construction were the culprits. Imagine trying to convince a jury with the dry expert testimony of engineers alone.

Client: Tarlow, Jordan & Schrader

"Studio in the Grove's work has been a critical factor in positive resolution of complex litigation." Art Tarlow, Tarlow, Jordan & Schrader



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