Getting your message across is often a complex endeavor. This is particularly true for public groups and agencies. You often have diverse audiences; the general public, lawmakers, interest groups, technical experts...the list can be long.

Often you need to communicate complicated issues. These communications must be clear and understandable to all of your audiences.

Studio in the Grove will assure that you speak the languages of all of your audiences.

The Studio's practice focuses on providing effective communication tools to support public outreach, involvement and communications on behalf of public groups and agencies.

Studio in the Grove specializes in developing communication tools that convey complex, often highly technical subjects in ways that are easily understood by technical and non-technical audiences alike.

Studio in the Grove has developed innovative, comprehensive communication packages, which have included:

  • Brochures & direct mail pieces

  • Public outreach and public meeting media including displays, handouts and Powerpoint presentations

  • Digital and video presentations

  • Photo simulations

  • Project and single-interest web sites


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