Photo simulation is the art of creating a photographic image that simulates reality. These simulations can illustrate your project at completion with photographic believability. Studio in the Grove excels at crafting photo simulations that bring your ideas alive to the audience. Photographic simulations of transportation or land use projects are an effective tool in transmitting to the public the potential outcome of a project.

"A photo simulation can accurately represent how your project will appear when built, providing the public with a less threatening representation of a project than a set of engineering drawings and a more 'real life' example than an artist's rendering".
Frank Angelo, President - Angelo Eaton & Associates

Studio in the Grove will work with you to determine what type of image will work best for your presentation and audience.

Photo simulations create an edge for your team when the project you are pursuing is potentially controversial or complex, entails extensive public involvement or the competition is stiff.

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